Stockholm, Luleå, Piteå, Skellefteå, Oslo

We want to bring our digital and web projects to the next level and are looking for someone with a passion for web development.
Are you the sort of person who never wants to stop progressing and loves trying the latest library, language or tech?
Welcome to our dev team of 15 curious individuals, ready to take on the challenges of an ever-changing industry!

Our current stack:

  • PHP (Laravel, WordPress)
  • Python
  • Node.JS
  • Webpack
  • VueJS
  • Post-CSS


We also have our own hosting service where our devops-team work with things like Kubernetes, AWS and Jenkins. We welcome any of our developers to learn more about it.
We aren’t necessarily looking for someone who already knows all this but you should at least consider yourself an expert in one or more. We welcome new point of views and if you can pitch the value of your favourite language or system (and we can sell it) you can use it.

What we ARE looking for is someone who:

  • Is a genuine person who wants to evolve themselves and the industry
  • Is quick on their feet and adaptable
  • Loves creative problem solving
  • Respects the client, their deadlines but can act as the expert when needed
  • Is open to all kinds of projects
  • Wants to grow and help their co-workers grow

So what can we offer you?

  • A thriving environment
  • Whatever tech and peripherals you need to do a good job
  • Money for your exercise
  • Money for walks during work
  • Opportunity to work in either Stockholm, Luleå, Piteå or Skellefteå
  • Opportunity to work wherever you want in the world (not during pandemics)


At Oh My we offer all kinds of benefits under our Schysst umbrella and we are happy to tell you about it during an interview.
We also offer every employee the opportunity with the right amount of passion and drive to change Oh My, wether it’s through revolutionising our hosting system or coming up with an idea great enough that we let you start your own sister agency, we LOVE employee initiatives.

Oh My is a part of a group of companies called Real Agency Group which as of just a few weeks ago is 100% owned by its employees, and will hopefully open up for new employees to invest soon.

FYI! Inhouse, at Oh My we speak Swedish but we are open to English as well.

You can read more about Oh My here and more about RAG here

Send us an e-mail to with whatever information you deem relevant (CV, a few words about yourself) or if you have any questions about the position you can shoot an e-mail to and